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This would be very important for you to read if you are going on the trip to Nell's cabin from August 17 - August 22.

These are the top 3 things you must know to join

1. You must have a ride. I am picking up Malvia, Trisica, Morgan, and Monica at Marymount College. Those are the only designated rides at this time. If you do not have a ride, it is best advised that you bring this up by commenting or calling one of the coordinators of this trip. (Trisica, Deanna, Nell) If you know of someone who doesn't have a ride and does not read this journal, inform them of this.

2. It has been decided that whatever we eat once at the cabin will be from grocery shopping during the first few days we are there. So, bring money for whatever you want to eat. Malvia will not be cooking. Aside from that, whomever wants to, you can have your own night where you will make dinner for the rest of us, or at least for whomever will want to eat whatever you are making. So keep that in mind if you like to cook.

3. Malvia believes that there will be some sort of drama going on between all of us. If you believe to have some sort of issue with another person going on this trip (i.e. Deanna, Nell, Malvia, Trisica, Morgan, Monica, Nancy, Pam, Ridwanna) either correct it before or don't bring it up. We don't want this to be difficult, but so far Malvia is the only one to believe there to be a problem. So if you do, make sure it won't cause a problem. We want to have fun. And I'm sorry to the rest of you to even have to bring this topic up, but something must be said.

That is all the information I have for you at this time. When we are closer to the actual date I will be giving you times and locations for everything. Again, please inform those that do not read this post of this new information.
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