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and the band played on

If you had to have plastic surgery, what would you have done?my boobs! the left is slightly bigger than the right.
What non-physical attribute(s) do you seek out in a friend?total randomness
What non-physical attribute(s) do you seek out in a lover?hmmm. stimulating personality
What is your area of expertise?I've got procrastination down to a science
What do you wish you were better at? cutting back on the procrastination
What is your ideal age?19 standing on the edge of adulthood and refusing to take that final leap
What makes you feel relaxed?music, reading, friends-in that order
What makes you feel anxious?emotionally charged situations
How well do you get along with your family? well enough when our interests don't clash with each others
Do you like photographs of yourself?depends
No holds barred, what is your pie-in-the-sky dream job?this is so geeky, but i would love to work at cloisters
Do you enjoy being alone?yes, it's a break from all the
Do you enjoy being in a large crowd?No. I get really bad headaches
What animal scares you?any type of rodent, snakes
Do you dream in colors?technicolor
Do you prefer to date older, younger, or same age? same/older
What social group were you in back in highschool?hmmm, the black, white kid of which I numbered one
Do you feel like you are smart? yes when I feel like it
How many living plants are in the room you are sitting in right now?too many
Do you have indoor pets? What kind?no. if I did I would probably get something that didn't need a lot of attention
Do you like your house? it's a small apartment. no
Where is your favorite spot on earth? barnes and nobles, I would love to be left there after closing when the security system stopped working.

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