Nell (unica4269) wrote in bi_kapa_delta,

Okay, so here I am!

I can't believe y'all have been bugging me to join this community for fear of missing out. There's what, ten postings so far?

Okay, okay, enough with the meanness. So here I am, driver of the official Bi Kapa Delta Initiaion Vehicle. All bow down to me! Or don't. I don't care. I know how cool I am.

So just to let you all know, since I am absolutely HORRIBLE at sending cards or presents, we will be having a very belated b-day celebration for Mal and D when y'all get up here.nothing big, just so I can clear my conscience. I hope you people have spread the word of the changed dates. Since I have, without my immediate knowledge, gained an additional 4 GUESTS, I leave all the responsibility with you blabbermouths who spread the word so liberally.

Um, also, there may be a couple other people up here when you come, so I want you all on your best behavior, whatever that is.

OH, no, I'm being mean again. I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!! BI KAPA DELTA ROX MY SOX! I'm looking forward to some new initiating...mwahahaha...
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